Jackson Fun 1.5

SKU: Jackson Fun 1.5

The bigger brother or sister to the Fun 1- the Fun 1.5 is for kids from 60-120 pounds and gets them running rivers and playboating with ease. This boat also fits really small adults. A perfect boat to learn to paddle in flatwater or whitewater.

One of the major benefits of the Fun 1.5 is that it only weighs 22 pounds! Kids need to have a great learning experience to really get hooked on anything. The Fun 1 and Fun 1.5 assure that they have lightweight, high performance, comfortable, easy to paddle boats. Steep learning curves and the feeling that their boat is not a “detuned, dummied down boat” but instead it is a high performance machine is the key. These boats have placed on the podium in the World Championships, and in top pro events world wide!

Weight: 23.0 lbs (11 kg)

Length: 5’9″ (176 cm)

Width: 22.0″ inches (56 cm)

Height: 11.5″ (30 cm)

Volume: 35.0 (133 L)

Max Inseam: 29.0″ inches (74 cm)

Max Foot: Size 8.0 (mens)

Ideal Weight Range: 60-120

Cockpit Dimensions: 17 1/2″ x 31″

MSRP: $699

Price: $799.00

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