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Local legends and Team Jackson Kayak paddlers, Ben Stooksberry and Jesse Coombs, have done it again! Their latest adventure, "At Your Own Risk!", continues the tradition of Clear H2O's Hotel Charley films: new rivers, new places, big water and bigger waterfalls. From the most complete whitewater descent of the Rondu Gorge of the Indus River in Pakistan - an 11 day, 11 portage expedition - to the new "North Shore" of waterfalls in Central Brazil, "At Your Own Risk!" documents an A list team of expedition kayakers seeking to not only push the sport to a new level but to highlight the people and environments in which they travel. The team's big water adventures culminate with the search for the world's tallest runnable waterfall and Brazilian team member Pedro Oliver's world record smashing run of 127' Salto Bela!

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