Jackson Fun

SKU: 2015 Fun

The FUN was Jackson Kayak’s first ever whitewater kayak! In 2015 we return to the core of what has made this kayak the best selling Jackson Kayak of all time: FUN! The entirely new hull design returns the paddler to the roots of what fun on whitewater is: river running, surfing, squirting, cartwheeling and more. The NEW hull will have high, forgiving, parting lines, lots of leg room for comfort and a sleek style reminiscent of the Fun we’re used to paddling. The combination of hull shape for river running and for play makes this boat a great all around option. The fun is capable of easing beginners into play boating and is also super fun for river running. At only 32 pounds the Fun is truly a joy to paddle.

Price: $1,199.00

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